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Visiting Costa Rica for medical care

October 11, 2022

Let’s spend a few minutes talking about Costa Rica. For those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic country, you’re probably anticipating what the next few paragraphs are talking about. For those who haven’t been there yet, this is your introduction to a hidden gem in the middle of the Americas.  You may be thinking, “another article talking about the natural wonders this small country 8 degrees north of the equator has to offer.  Waterfalls, volcanos, 800 miles of coastline with 300 spectacular beaches in between its Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, lush biodiversity, and the welcoming nature of its people”.  But you’d be wrong because even though all those things are true, this is an article sharing the multiple reasons why Costa Rica is an incredible Medical Tourism destination.  A well-known fact to a few people, but not to the masses.

Let’s look at some of the many reasons why you should consider Costa Rica for your medical (corrective surgeries like orthopedic, bariatric, oncology and so much more…the type of surgeries you go to a major hospital for), plastic surgery of any kind, dental (all procedures like veneers, full mouth reconstruction, crowns, etc.), and fertility:

    • Doctors, nurses, and support staff who have studied and trained at the best universities and hospitals in the US and throughout the world.
    • Multilingual doctors and support staff.  You’ll feel right at home because all your communication needs will be met.
    • 1:2 nurse to patient ratio vs 1:10 at best in many other countries.
    • Has been ranked as high as 2nd best healthcare system in the world by Global Health Intelligence.
    • Has also been recognized as the healthiest country in Latin America by Bloomberg.
    • PROMED:  The health chamber created by the Costa Rican government to circumvent the challenges or concerns of medical tourists.  PROMED exists to ensure that international patients visiting Costa Rica receive consistent, high-quality medical and dental services from all its affiliated members (no other country in the world has a “PROMED”).
  • Ideal geographic location with short non-stop flight from many US cities.  The same applies to medical tourists coming from any Latin American country and even Europe. For US and Canadians, it is nice to be on a similar time zone as your home residence.
  • Medical facilities that meet the highest medical standards in the world.  Some of these facilities raise the bar even more with their JCI accreditation (Joint Commission International accreditation and certification is recognized as a global leader for health care quality of care and patient safety).
  • Access to proven medical procedures and treatments that may not be accessible where you live due to local, regional, or national laws/regulation.
  • State of the art facilities and technology.
  • Significant savings, in most cases the savings are between 50-70% vs US prices.
  • Your local health insurance policy (regardless of where you live in the world) may be fully applicable for your care in Costa Rica.  All you have to do is ask your insurance policy provider or ask us and we’ll find out for you.
      • Why is this significant? Your percent of a deductible for surgery costing $50,000 in the US vs the same surgery that costs $15,000 in Costa Rica could be far less, not to mention co-insurance. For example, a knee replacement.
  • You will save a significant amount of money and your insurance company will love you (even though they won’t say it).  And if you work for a self-insured company, your employer may waive your deductible completely and even pay for your airfare, lodging, and local transportation
  • A video is worth a million words….click here
  • Costa Rica impressive history facts:
      •  A democratic country that became an independent republic on September 15th, 1921.
      • Slavery was abolished in 1824 (the US did it in 1865).
      • The army was abolished in 1948.

The list can go on and on, but for more information you can click on to learn more.  We have done all the leg work for you to ensure you have access to top quality healthcare, a safe destination, accessibility, and significant savings.  Yes, there are other medical facilitators out there, but they offer you an endless number of countries, cities within those countries, healthcare providers within those cities, and so on.  By choosing a preferred destination, like Costa Rica, you can limit your research to an area that can meet your needs without the confusion of trying to pick a country and a provider. Better yet, you will be able to speak directly with the medical specialist who will address your need(s), not a medical assistant or intermediary.

It is important to also think about protection against the inherent risks associated with any medical procedure.  Notice we are saying the risks of any medical procedure, not the risks of medical tourism.  Why is this differentiation important?  Because these risks exist regardless of where your desired medical procedure is performed, even in your own neighborhood.  We all hear the stories of the things that went wrong locally or whilst travelling for care. This is why at Patient Journey we are proud to have teamed up with Global Protective Solutions (GPS) to offer every medical tourist access to a Complications Coverage policy. This option is not available for you within your home country. So, for self-insured or elective self-pay procedures, you cannot get this Peace of Mind locally.

Now that you know a bit more about Costa Rica, an ideal medical tourism destination, we invite you to do your own research.  And of course, we invite you to visit our website which contains an extensive amount of information should you want to benefit from all the amazing things Costa Rica offers the world.


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