Turkey for medical tourism

Traveling to Turkey for Medical Tourism

December 21, 2022

We are clear that there has been a huge uptick in the flow of people taking medical tourism trips to Turkey from England and the US.

The point is that when someone in these countries is affected by a disease or condition that requires treatment and even surgical intervention, it is more feasible for them to submit to the hands of doctors abroad than in their own country.

There are some agreements through insurance policies that cover this type of dual eventualities, since patients can take a small tourist tour while undergoing any surgical intervention.

The main reason why patients from England, Europe and the US decide to immigrate to Turkey to undergo medical treatment and surgery is due to the economic aspect, since it is less onerous for them than in their own country.

What aspects does Medical tourism in Turkey include?

These Medical Tourism Assistance have a wide coverage, which we are going to break down in the following lines:

  • Processing of each and every one of the documents required for entry to the country of destination.
  • Medical assistance during the trip in case of an emergency or an unforeseen accident.
  • Assistance to solve situations due to loss of documents, loss of luggage or cash during the trip. (Only processing police reports and contacts with the bank, not the replacement of troops)
  • Return tickets.
  • Accommodation in hotels or inns with solidarity prices in the vicinity of the medical care center where the consultations, the intervention and the days of hospitalization will be carried out until a complete recovery.
  • Payment of medical fees for a first evaluation, where the patient will be referred to the specialist.
  • Preoperative laboratory tests.
  • Professional fees to the treating physician.
  • Acquisition of all the medications that are necessary for the pre- and post-operative period.
  • Coverage of the necessary amount for the days of rehabilitation and its cost.

Benefits of doing medical tourism from England and the United States to Turkey

Since the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States are joining efforts with Turkey to carry out medical tourism bilaterally, we are going to see some advantages of taking one of these two alternatives.

When Medical Assistance tourism is carried out to Turkey, tourist patients who come from England or the United States can take advantage of this trip and combine medical assistance with recreation, visiting some emblematic places of tourist interest.

Another of the great benefits offered by this option of being treated in Turkey is not having to submit to long waits to be treated, as would happen if they wanted to intervene in their own country.

What kind of medical assistance is Turkey providing?

For patients who come from abroad to receive medical assistance in Turkey, this country has a wide branch of medical assistance, as we can see below:

1- Plastic and bariatric surgery service

In both cases, the prices are quite competitive and ensure a good quality of well-experienced professionals to perform this type of intervention successfully and at a lower cost than in other countries.

Since Turkey has emerged as a leader in this type of intervention, these plastic surgeries include rhinoplasty and liposuction, congenital deformities and some post-operative or post-traumatic damage are also treated.

2- Hair transplant surgery

In both modalities, both the TDC and the FUE, which are the direct implantation or the extraction of follicular units, the procedure varies according to the medical indication and the need of each patient.

Turkey has stood out worldwide in this industry, attracting many patients suffering from alopecia or baldness.

3- Buttock lift

Also in this field, the Turks are, as they say, giving the front, generally this type of intervention is done by combining others to transfer fat from the abdomen, waist, hips and thighs to the buttocks, and in this way, multiple results are obtained to shape a beautiful woman’s body.

4- Breast surgery

We are talking of course about a reconstruction of the breasts to increase or decrease sizes, in any case always with the professionalism of the case, testing both the professional’s criteria and the taste of each patient.

These and many other surgeries, such as the best dental implants, are offered by Turkey with the support of professional specialists who have acquired world renown and are even hired from abroad to travel to other countries to perform these types of interventions, due to the best budget of their professional fees.

Let’s see the most iconic places in Turkey

In order to be able to provide medical care support in Turkey to patients who come from the United States and the United Kingdom, we have made a short list of the most emblematic places in this nation so that patients can fully comply with their routine. tourism, combining it with their medical needs.

  • The Church of Hagia Sophia, with its impressive mosaics, mesmerizes tourists with its varied beauty.
  • The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, better known as the blue mosque, incredible colors in harmonious shades of blue from Iznik.
  • The Bosphorus, without a tour of the Bosphorus, you will not be able to say that you knew Istanbul, from the boat you will be able to contemplate sumptuous palaces and perceive part of the city life.
  • The Archaeological Museum, where you will feel like you are in another century living with ancient artifacts, which come from the Ottoman period.
  • The Prince’s Islands, a cruise that you will not be able to forget, after an hour and a quarter by ferry, you will be able to enjoy peace and tranquility while escaping from the bustle of the city.
  • The Beylerbeyi Palace, is the summer residence of the Ottoman rulers, this is the Asian part of Istanbul. It was built in 1861, one of its most prominent guests was Queen Eugenia, wife of Napoleon III.
  • The Ortacoy Mosque, of impressive beauty and sumptuousness with its Baroque style. It is located in front of the Bosphorus bridge.

Please check your travel insurance policy if travelling for medical care. Most have an exclusion for this type of travel, so a specific policy may be needed to cover travel related injuries or illnesses and can include complications coverage whilst you are away and up to 6 months after you return home.

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