Press release medical tourism asia

Press Release Medical Tourism Asia

October 11, 2022


Peace of mind for international medical travelers who choose Passage Asia for their international cross-border journey for healthcare and wellness

Kuala Lumpur, October 2022 PASSAGE ASIA, a leading international patient care management service provider based in Kuala Lumpur, today announced that their clients and users now have access to a comprehensive medical travel and tourism coverage through GLOBAL PROTECTIVE SOLUTIONS programmes and services They are created, provided and administered by Custom Assurance Placements, Ltd, a US based insurance broker, with headquarter in the city of Columbia, South Carolina.

Global Protective Solutions programs were designed specifically for the international medical travel (medical tourism) industry, and were made available in 2008 to provide specific solutions for various entities. These include benefits and services for individual medical travelers, customized group programs for medical travel case managers, medical providers and facilitators, and a host of specialty insurance coverage options for self-funded employers who offer international medical travel benefits within their medical plans for their employees.

Peace of mind is what we promise our clients and patients who make international cross-border travel to seek better healthcare and wellness for them and their loved ones,” says Hanim Shukor, CEO and Founder, Passage Asia. “We are excited to offer them Global Protective Solutions’ programmes that are specifically designed to meet the demand of international medical travel which requires unique and specialized protection”. She adds, “The wide-ranging benefits in the event they experience a complication related to an approved elective procedure or treatment would definitely give them the much-needed peace of mind.”

We are excited to work closely with Passage Asia in offering their international medical patients and custom group benefits for their participating partner medical facilities a selection of programmes for comprehensive medical travel and tourism coverage’, says Tracy H. Simons, President, Custom Assurance Placements, Ltd. “The programmes under Global Protective Solutions not only address the potential financial costs of accidental medical complications or other travel related accident or illness expenses that may occur, they also given the assurance that advice and assistance is only a call away.”

Benefits include reimbursement for certain approved incurred costs associated with medical complications that may arise from a procedure or an accidental injury / illness while travelling for an approved medical procedure or a complication that may occur for up to 6 months past the procedure date. Including other important benefits like, emergency medical transport, death, family coordination, additional cost of travel meals and accommodations. The additional services for the participants include:

  • Secure medical records storage platform
  • 24/7/365 Medical emergency assistance services
  • Crisis management services
  • Expatriate prescription services
  • Country and travel information services


    About Passage Asia

    Passage Asia is an international patient care management services provider and medical tourism agency offering an end-to-end solutions for patients and their families who are looking for a hassle-free international medical journey. We are the leading provider in cross-border healthcare and wellness needs that provides patients with a one-stop service which include doctors’ recommendation, bookings of facilities, post-surgery care and travel arrangement. Our patient care advisors offer pre-qualified and personalized recommendation to facilitate our patients’ international medical journey and healthcare experience. We offer assurance of adherence to professional medical ethics and privacy. Exceptional personalized care is at the core of our service.



    Custom Assurance Placements, Ltd.

    Custom Assurance Placements, Ltd. (CAP) is an international insurance broker located in Columbia, SC assisting local, regional, national and international insurance agents or insureds by providing access to a variety of niche insurance products and markets. We specialize in insurance for unusual or hazardous risks. We can place insurance coverage one risk at a time or help develop an entire insurance program for an insurance agency or group of insureds. CAP created and is the administrator of the Global Protective Solutions programs designed specifically for the international medical travel (medical tourism) industry.



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