Best Hospital Advisor

Best Hospital Advisor

Bringing power to health consumers around the world bha

Best Hospital Advisor provides a transparent health care platform where consumers can access, provide feedback and engage in their own health care decision-making while health care providers can continuously improve their strategies to provide quality care services.

In an attempt to promote people engagement and participation in the health care system, BHA interface will provide feedback from patients about healthcare providers, benchmark hospital and healthcare provider performance using key quality indicators, and assist patients in reducing the asymmetry of information that is currently present in the healthcare system.

In order to address the mission and its goals, BHA has developed essential tools on a single site where information exchange is the most important output. BHA become an essential component for patients in the search for healthcare services and will provide greater integration between providers and patients. Some of the most important features on the BHA site are:

  • A worldwide search module to find hospitals, specializations and procedures.
  • Patient Reviews providing feedback on health care services using HCAHPS survey tools and open feedback about experience.
  • Easy Patients’ access to reviews and all information on hospital and healthcare providers.
  • Important Tools and search engine for information on healthcare Tourism destinations
  • Integration with hospital benchmarking data to provide overall rankings of hospitals, by region, city, specialty or procedure.
  • Hospital and Health care provider dashboards to track their feedback and compare performance on key performance indicators.

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