Medical Tourism Complication Insurance

Medical Tourism Complication Insurance

October 1, 2021

Medical tourism complication insurance is now being sought after by medical tourists, medical tourism facilitators, and receiving international hospitals. Enrolling in medical tourism travel insurance is usually done online and the coverage is available worldwide.

 Individuals traveling for medical care are typically quoted a price for a medical procedure, however, they would be responsible for additional medical costs should a complication occur. Individuals look to insure this exposure by buying medical tourism complication insurance for their medical procedure.

International hospitals and facilitators are also including coverage automatically in the cost of their procedures. This assists the patient with unexpected expenses but also reduces the hospital’s exposure to noncollectable medical bills. In some instances, hospitals will require payment prior to providing medical care so, having insurance can be very important.

Policies typically include travel accident and illness coverage, trip cancellation, baggage coverage, death, repatriation, emergency evacuation, additional costs of travel meals and accommodations should a medical complication cause delayed return travel, medical costs associated with a complication, and travel companion coordination. Should a complication occur after the medical tourist returns home, there is usually a 6 month period that extends to cover complications.

Regular travel insurance has an exclusion if traveling for the purpose of receiving medical care. So be certain you check your policy and make sure you have the correct coverage for your medical trip.

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