3 reasons to be thankful for medical tourism

3 Reasons to be Thankful for Medical Tourism 

November 7, 2021

Medical tourism, the act of traveling to a foreign country to receive medical care or procedures, often at a much lower cost than could be done at home. People from all countries engage in medical tourism, and they are all ages and income levels as well. Here are three reasons to be thankful for medical tourism! 

Medical Tourism Saves You Money 

Probably the number one reason to be grateful for medical tourism is that it saves you money! Even if you have health insurance, the cost of getting a surgery or other medical procedure performed in your home country could be astronomical. And for cosmetic procedures that are not covered by insurance, you must pay out of pocket for everything. This is where medical tourism comes in. While the convenience of having your medical work performed close to home is undeniable, for many people, the costs associated are simply too great. Traveling to a different country to receive the same procedure can save you anywhere from 20 to 90 percent – even with travel and accommodation costs included. 

Medical Tourism Has Excellent Standards of Care 

Those uninformed about medical tourism may assume that the operations are performed with outdated tools in unsafe environments. There is certainly a negative connotation that medical tourism has with those who are uneducated about it. However, that could not be further from the truth. Depending on the country where you have your medical work performed, you may encounter medical technology and techniques that rival those in your home country. Indeed, there are many countries that boast hospitals catering primarily to international patients, and the standards of care at these facilities are very high. If you want to ensure that you are receiving the best possible medical care when you embark on your medical tourism journey, you can always look to the Joint Commission International, which gives accreditation to hospitals serving medical tourists. JCI accreditation means that a facility has proven it meets the high standards of care set by the JCI, and this typically results in high patient satisfaction from visiting foreigners. 

Medical Tourism Makes Medical Procedures More Accessible 

It’s an all too common tale. Someone wishes to have a hip replacement or knee surgery but cannot afford the cost. Even though this procedure would greatly improve their quality of life, they must continue to put it off. Then, imagine that person discovers medical tourism. Suddenly, they are able to have their dreamed-of procedure performed without emptying their entire savings account. Medical tourism can truly make dreams come true. Alternatively, many people choose to engage in medical tourism for cosmetic procedures. For some, a cosmetic procedure would make all the difference for their self confidence, but since elective procedures are not covered under insurance, they are also often put off as a distant dream. Medical tourism makes cosmetic work accessible to those who desire it but cannot afford it in their home country. In many ways, medical tourism can improve the confidence and quality of life of patients. That’s certainly something to be thankful for! 

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