Insurance, Services and Programs Available

Specialized services and insurance solutions for the medical tourism industryCustom Assurance Placements, Ltd. has developed a host of specialized services and insurance solutions for the medical tourism industry called Global Protective Solutions (GPS).

Individual Medical Travellers and their Companions

Travel, Accident and Medical Complications Services and Benefits

Employers / Self – Funded Health Insurance Programs

  • Group travel accident and medical complications benefits purchased at group discount to cover all employees who travel for medical tourism. Cover can include regular travel accident for travel not related to medical tourism.
  • Employer Healthcare Management Liability including coverage for the possible vicarious liability of adding a medical tourism option to a benefit plan. (U.S. based employers only)
  • Specialized GPS New GAP cover” (links to PDF)  coverage that provides a host of benefits in the event of a medical complication.  Benefits start at a pre-determined point as low as $25,000 and extend to the point where an employer’s Stop Loss insurance would be triggered.
  • Customized solutions to fit the needs of small, medium, or large employers who integrate medical travel benefits within their self-funded health insurance programs.

Facilitators / Case Managers / Agents

  • Global Protective Solutions (GPS) –  Customized group travel accident and medical complications benefits purchased at group discounts to cover all eligible medical travellers.
  • Facilitator liability insurance designed for medical tourism facilitators who arrange medical tourism/travel activities. (U.S. based facilitators only)


Custom Assurance Placements, Ltd., can customize an insurance solution for hospitals, surgery centers, dental clinics and other providers that recieve international patients. Please contact us for details.

Customized Plans

If you have a need for a product that we have not developed, please let us know. We can design a program to fit your specifications.